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Run a test booking with TrekkSoft

Your booking system will become an important part of your sales process. Let's make sure it's working correctly!

Last update [June 4, 2024]

What do your customers see when they land on your tour or activity page? Do you have the correct dates and times listed for your activities? Are there missing details that need to be added? Do the automated confirmation emails work? We'll show you how to run a test booking to find out.

The booking test consists of two parts: 

Part 1: Make a booking just like how your customer would

Part 2: Check that your backend TrekkSoft setup works correctly


Part 1: Make a booking just like how your customer would

To start, you'll need to create a discount code to run the test booking. Go to Promotion > Discount Codes and Gift Codes. Then, create a discount code and name it “TEST”, and set the maximum number of uses to 10 times with a discount of 100%. When this is done, log out from your TrekkSoft account and head over to your website to make a booking. 

Test booking


As you go through your website, look out for the following:

Activity listing on your website

  • Is your activity or tour title clear? 
  • Have you added high quality images that represent the experience you want to deliver? 
  • Have you added enough detail to your tour and activity descriptions? Will customers understand the experience you're offering? 

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Schedule and pricing

  • Is the correct schedule displayed in the calendar?
  • If there are multiple start times on the same day, is this clearly displayed on your website? 
  • If there are variations of activity starting at the same time, will these options be clear to your website visitors? 
  • Are your prices listed correctly for different price categories? 
  • If there are multiple price categories per tour or activity, are the descriptions clear for each price category? 

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Booking flow and checkout

Once you've gone through your website, head over to your "Book Now" button to make a test booking. Select multiple tickets to get started. When it comes to payment, use the TEST discount code we created earlier. Also, make sure to use a valid email address to test automated emails and tickets. 

Throughout the booking process, make note of the following:

  • Was the price for multiple tickets calculated correctly? 
  • Did the right Add-ons show up for this activity? Are any Add-ons missing?
  • Have you set up your Guest Custom Fields to capture enough information? Do you need to remove or add more fields? You should only collect necessary information in the booking flow and ask the remaining items after the booking has been completed. For instance, if guests need to be over 18, you can ask for their age during the booking process and only ask for their shoe size or helmet size after they've completed the booking. 
  • Does everyone on the tour need to submit their information or do you simply need the contact information of one person? 
  • If you've set up Taxes and Fees, are these being displayed and calculated correctly? 
  • Are your terms of service and cancellation policies displayed at checkout? 
  • If you have additional questions to ask after payment, did these questions show up after you've completed your booking?
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Check your inbox after you've completed your booking

Did you receive all the automated confirmation emails and tickets previously set up? 

  • Did your emails address the customer? Did the personalization tokens appear correctly? 

  • Did the right date and time show up in the emails and tickets? 

  • Did the confirmation email contain tickets for all booked guests? 

  • Was the correct ticket template used? 

  • If you've created PDFs to be attached to the confirmation emails, did these get sent out too? 

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Part 2: Check that your backend TrekkSoft setup works correctly

With your test bookings done, log back into your TrekkSoft account to check on the following items:

Dashboard and Overviews

  • Did the new test bookings appear in your Dashboard? 
  • Did they also come up in your Manifests and Trip List? 
  • If the activity requires resources, were the relevant resources allocated to that booking? 
  • If you set up Google Calendar notifications or email notifications, did these show up as well? 

Guest Manifest

Now, go to your Guest Manifest by clicking on Schedule and Manifests in the left-hand menu. Then, select Calendar View and click on the TEST booking.  

  • Do you see all the guest information you asked for?
  • Are the custom fields displayed correctly? 
  • Try exporting your Guest Manifest, does it work? Did all the information you need export seamlessly? 

Basket Details

Next, head over to Basket Details.

  • Did all the details for that booking appear correctly? 

Then, rebook the customer for the same activity, but on a different day.

  • After rebooking the customer, were these changes shown in the Basket Summary? 
  • Next, try resending the receipt to the email address. 

Lastly, cancel the booking. 

  • View your Basket Summary once again - did the changes show up?

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