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Translating CMS Pages, Tours and Templates

    TrekkSoft offers multiple versions of your pages and Tours. These can be seen throughout the software as tabs, where each tab displays a different version that your customer will see, depending on which language they prefer to use.

    Translating CMS Pages

    Your CMS pages can be viewed by going to Design and Pages > Pages on the top navigation bar.

    From this view, you will notice multiple language tabs (depending on which languages you have enabled).


    Each language tab has a different set of pages on it, so it is important to make sure that the pages you create are available in each version.

    The navigation bar on your web page can also be customized according to language.

    For more information about creating pages and adjusting your navigation bar, see Create a page, Navigate menu bar, and page order.

    Translating Tours

    Tours and their pricing categories are also easily translated into different languages in the same way. To see the different versions for each language, go to the Inventory > Activities section on the left navigation bar and click Options and Edit Activity next to the specific tour that you would like to view.


    This will take you to the Edit Tour page, where you will see multiple language tabs that are available to be translated.


    If a tour does not have any information in a specific language, but a customer chooses this language, the default language will be displayed.

    To export all of your tour descriptions and their translations to a .csv file, simply go to the Inventory > Activities section and click on the "Export Translations" button.

    For more information about creating tours, see Creating Activities

    Translating Templates 

    Templates, including Page Texts and E-Mail Texts, can be translated into multiple versions according to your enabled languages. Go to Design and Pages > Templates (Emails and Tickets) in the top navigation bar to view your templates.

    Again, you will see multiple language tabs for your Page Texts.

    After clicking on the E-Mail tab, you can click on the small pencil next to an email and then select the language that you would like to edit.

    For more information on using Templates, see Customise your T&C's, PDF Tickets, and Emails