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Your Website Navigation Pages

The navigation pages for your website refers to the pages you have created in your Admin Desk/CMS pages. Your Shop, Activities Page, etc

    Last update [June 26, 2022]

    Pages created in the CMS in your Admin Desk will appear on your website in the order that you create them in your Admin Desk. However, you can drag and drop your pages into the order that you wish them to appear.

    First, you need to navigate to the pages of your website in your Admin Desk. You can find your pages following these steps:

    1. Go to your Admin Desk (e.g.
    2. On the left-hand side menu, click on Settings> Trekksoft Website Builder> Pages.


    In the pages dashboard, you will see a list of all pages you have created. You can simply drag and drop each of the pages up or down (as shown below):


    Page navigation


    Sub menus

    To add a sub-menu, drag an item further to the right, and it will lock in as a sub-menu.

    Sub pages


    Website preview

    Once completed, your pages will display in the drop-down menu on your website's navigation bar (as shown below):