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Yield Management - Special Seat Prices

You can set up special prices for the seats available for a particular price category.

    Special seat prices is a pricing strategy that allows users to set a structure for each price category based on the number of seats available for purchase. 


    How to Setup Special Seat Prices?

    Watch the tutorial below on how to set up Special Seat Prices!


    IMPORTANT: You MUST have already created an Activity, Schedule, and Price Category before you can continue with the tutorial below.



    Setup special seat prices


    Booking Procedure Example

    The 1st - 2nd customers purchasing a seat will pay EURO 100, the 3rd - 5th will pay EURO 150, the 6th - 8th will pay EURO 200, and so on. 


    Note: Please be noted that the Special Seat Prices structure is a little bit different from the Trip/Attraction and Voucher type schedule as the Rental schedule is based on the time slots. Click here to get more details on Rental Rules (Special Seat Prices).



    Last Updated [01/03/2021]