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Learn how to add one or multiple prices to your activities that you would like to charge your guests when they are booking an activitywhen a guest

What Is a Price Category?

Adding a price to an activity is known as a Price Category. Price Categories are used to set one or more prices for your guests to pay when they are booking a tour.  

Having multiple price structures on one activity is useful when charging different fares for adults, children, seniors, students, group bookings, etc.


Add Price Category

When creating a new activity, Add Activity Price Category will appear automatically after creating a schedule.

Alternatively, you can navigate to Products > Activities > Select An Activity> Schedule and Prices.  Then click on the Add Price Category button or Edit Price Category (as shown below)



After clicking the Add Price Category button, you must fill out the fields below in order to activate your price category (fields marked with a * are mandatory):

  • Price Category Name* - Choose a name for your price category e.g.  Adults, Children, etc 

  • Description - Add a description providing information about the price category you are creating 

  • Price* - Choose the price you want to charge for the activity

  • Seating - Select between either an individual or group seating option (both options are described in detail further down this article

  • Number of Places* - Enter the number of places occupied when someone books this price category

  • Available Number of Places - Limit this price category to a specific capacity. If left empty, the schedule's full capacity is used

  • Apply to all Price Categories - Ticking this option  will apply the same setup to ALL other activities


From the seating option selected above, below is a description of the individual and Group price category.

Seating - Individual

These are single tickets where each booking represents one seat on your activity.

For example, If you have a boat with capacity for 20 people, and 4 people book with you; each of them will count as a single booking and will each have their own ticket.  

Seating Group Price

Group Price refers to group tickets. At the point of set-up, you will be asked to specify how many people each group can include. For example, If you have a boat for 20 people and want to sell as many seats as possible, you can create group bookings of 5 to 10 people. If someone books for a group of 5 people, this booking will have one ticket but will occupy 5 seats. 

The number of seats occupied per guest: If this is an individual price category that occupies more than one seat on your activity, you can define it here.  For example, a "Couple" price category will occupy two seats on your activity. In this case, enter “2”.

The available number of seats: You can limit the number of tickets sold per activity for this price category. If you only have 5 seats in this price category available, the price will be unavailable once these seats have been booked (if the activity has more seats available these will be sold with one of your other price categories).

If this is field is left blank, the activities schedule capacity will be applied.



Advanced Options

Advanced Options provides you additional options to further manage tyour price category. The Advanced Options has the following options available:

  • Full payment or deposit: How do you prefer to get paid? You can choose one of the three following options:
    • Guests pay the full price when they book: The guest is paying full amount upfront, prior to the activity start.
    • Guests pay a deposit at the time of booking: This allows the guest to pay a part of the full amount when booking (you have the option to define the amount that will be charged when guests are booking) and the remaining amount on the day of arrival, in person.
    • Guests decide how much they want to pay at the time of booking: Allows the guest to pay an amount of their choice when booking remaining amount on the day of arrival, in person.
      Note: When a guest pays for only part of the full price, Trekksoft uses down payments. You can find out more about down payments here.
  • Exclusive/Private Price Category: Tick this option if you want to offer a private tour to your guests. The private price category indicates that this is a private booking.
  • Guest information: You have three options to choose from based on whether you want your guests to provide their personal information or not:
    • Guest Information is Required for this price category before checkout
    • Guest Information is optionally collected after checkout
    • Guest information is not collected for this price category

  • Resources: If this activity uses a specific resource or is limited by resources, select one of the two options that apply:
    • This price category uses resources assigned to an activity
    • This price category requires it's own resources 


Finally, Click the Add Price Category/Save button.




You can arrange the order of your price categories by dragging and dropping them within the list. The top price category will be taken as the default price for the activity.


Last Updated [13/03/2020]