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Down Payments - How it works!

TrekkSoft allows you to take down payments on the prices of your activities

    What Are Down Payments? 

    A down payment is an initial up-front partial payment which means you can charge only a fraction of the total price of a booking or even zero if you wish to invoice the total cost and use TrekkSoft as more of a reservation system. 

    If you already know about our down payments and how to set them up, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can I Setup A Down Payment?

    When you are adding a price category, there is a Full payment or deposit option where you can specify the amount that guests are charged at the time of booking (see the video below).


    To enable down payment, when creating a price category, select the Advanced Options menu.  Under the Full payment or deposit menu, select 'Guests pay a deposit at the time of booking'. The option 'Deposit amount' will now be visible. Enter the amount you would like to charge your guests for the booking (see an example video below)



    (Find out more information on creating price categories here







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    How can I view bookings that have paid a down payment only?

    To view these types of bookings, log into your Admin Desk. On the left-hand side menu, click on Bookings > Overview. At the top of the Bookings Overview screen are a number of tabs. Click on the 'Outstanding' tab. Any bookings in this menu relate to down payments (see the video below to find this location).  




    From this screen, click the details button next to any booking. Once in the booking, you can scroll to Basket Summary and you will see the down payment amount for each of the guests in that basket.




    How Does A Down Payment Appear When Guests Make A Booking?

    When a guest adds a person/guest to their basket whilst booking, the down payment amount is listed under the full price (as shown below). 





    What Does A Ticket With A Down Payment Look Like?

    For every basket that is not paid in full i.e. only a down payment has been taken, a watermark is added across the receipt. An example of the watermark can be viewed here

    If you wish, you can customize the watermark text under Merchant Settings > Checkout, Taxes & Fees (shown below).





    How To Setup Down Payments For Add-ons

    This feature is also available for add-ons. You can add a down payment for an add-on following these steps (or watching the video below):

    1. On the left-hand menu, go to Products> Add-ons.
    2. Now, either add a new add-on or click the edit button next to the add-ons you wish to modify.
    3. Scroll down and click on the Prices menu.
    4. Enter the down payment amount in the relevant field. 
    5. Click the save button.




    Last Updated [03/04/2020]