Booking Tools

Introduction: POS Desk (Point-of-Sale Desk)

    TrekkSoft offers a range of booking tools to help you expand your distribution through multi-channel sales. We have the Channel Manager (or TrekkConnect), the Mobile App, your website's Booking Engine and of course, the POS Desk. 

    All these tools work together to boost sales online and over-the-counter, and are geared towards improving the efficiency of your overall sales and booking process. 


    What is a POS Desk?

    The Point-of-Sale Desk was created to deliver a great booking and marketing tool for your sales team, travel partners and resellers. The POS desk is easy to use, allowing your resellers to use it without any training. 

    Get real-time updates on your latest availabilities, upsell customers with add-ons and take partial or full payments in-person. During a tour, pull up details on upcoming bookings and get all the information you need about your guests. 

    You can also use the POS Desk on a tablet or laptop as an activity booklet to display trip information like your tour itinerary, maps, and pictures of your tours. 

    Increase bookings and speed up your sales processes with a sales tool that assists your agents and resellers from start to finish. 


    Whom is the POS Desk designed for?

    Our Product team imagined the POS Desk to be used by hotel concierges or hotel receptionists who usually recommend "things to do" to their guests. This was a great opportunity to resell local tours and activities so why not create a tool to facilitate this process?  

    Over time, we've seen different companies use the POS Desk is a range of scenarios that we didn't anticipate--and that's awesome! 

    Some companies have used it as a self-serve kiosk where customers could just browse through the activities on their own without having to wait in a queue to speak to a sales agent. 

    Use the POS Desk at any point-of-sale to deliver a great experience from the very beginning. 




    The POS is made up of five sections Availabilities, Shop Items, Activities, Bookings and Checkout. Let's have a quick overview of these sections.



    Your availabilities will always be shown in a Calendar View, starting with the next upcoming activity.

    You can filter availabilities by:

    • Schedule type (Trips, Attractions, Rentals)
    • Departure date
    • Activity Title (A to Z)
    • Departure location
    • Operator 

    Note: Since vouchers are not restricted to a specific date, voucher schedules will show up as the first available departure for every date.

    To the right is your Cart. Here, you'll have an overview of all the items added to the booking.


    From this page, you can also access the passenger list (or guest manifest) by clicking on the "human" icon on the left.


    Shop Items

    Here, you'll find all the items available for sale. 



    You'll find a list of all the activities you offer. Click on any activity to start the booking process, or click on "More Details" to get a detailed description and view images of each activity.

    You can filter activities by: 

    • Activity title
    • Operator
    • Departure location




    The bookings tab shows all your recent bookings.

    You can filter bookings by:

    • Basket ID, user details or activity title
    • Trip Date
    • Booking Date

    When you click on a booking, you can cancel booked activities, remove guests or cancel the entire booking completely. You can also rebook guests or rebook activities, as well as access the guest manifest.


    You'll also notice that each booking Price is now color-coded. Here's what the colors indicate:•

    • Green: Even balance
    • Red: Cancelled booking
    • Orange: Outstanding payment or Overpaid
    • Purple: Unconfirmed booking


    On the checkout page, get an overview of your booking. Here, you'll get the chance to modify the booking, add guest details, change agent, add a discount code or package discount, or change the buying user.


    You can also apply discount codes for each guest.