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mPOS: TrekkSoft's mobile App

Download our mobile App (mPOS) from the App Store or Google Play and benefit from several new functionalities.

Getting started

We’re delighted to announce our new TrekkSoft mobile App - the mPOS. It is now available in the Play Store and App Store.

You can download the new TrekkSoft App in addition to the existing App. You'll see that they both have different icons. 

Existing App: existing mobile app

New App (mPOS): mPOS icon


Here is what we'll cover in this article:


What’s new about the mPOS?

Better user experience

We added a couple of things that improve the overall user experience: 

  • Easy navigation

Easily navigate between the different icons at the bottom of the page: 

  • Checkmark icon: Availability list
  • Ticket icon: Booking list
  • Plus icon: to book activities or shop items
  • The shopping cart icon: not active by default, becomes active as soon as you add something to the cart
  • 3 bars icon: Menu with: Validate Ticket, Search Tickets, Daily Cash, Help, Logout.
  • Also in the menu you find the merchant's name and email address at the top

mPOS new navigation          

  • Aligned to the Point of Sale-Desk

The mPOS is more aligned to our existing Point of Sale Desk (POS) in terms of design and functionalities. This gives us the advantage to release new features for the Point of Sale and shortly afterward as well for the mPOS.  

  • Visuals

We added pictures for activities, shop items, and add-ons to illustrate In the booking part you an easy search for basket ID, user details, or activity title

  • Fewer clicks

Instead of opening every action in a new window, the mPOS is now using more dropdown menus so you stay on the same page to click a certain action (e.g. adding guests). Only for more complex actions, e.g. adding add-ons, we open a new window. 




This is the fastest way within the app to make a booking. 

To fully get the advantage of this functionality, you should have a TrekkSoft card reader nearby, this way you won't have to type CC information manually. 


mPOS - Take a booking


From this view, you have a list of the activities with the availabilities for bookings.

The main information you get is:

  • Schedule type (Rentals, Voucher, Trip/Attraction)
  • Duration of the tour
  • Time of the activity
  • Name of activity
  • Occupancy

Additional tasks you can do from this view:

  • Filter activities based on schedule type (Trips and Attractions,  Vouchers, Rentals)
  • Filter activities based on the date
  • Search a particular activity by activity title
  • Filter activities by departure location of the activity
  • Filter activities based on Operators (if you are sharing activities by Partner Network)
  • ________________________________________________________________________

Shop items & Rentals

Booking of shop items as well as rental schedules are now available in the mPOS. This means you and your team can book a bigger variety of items and also upsell customers on-site not only with additional add-ons, but also shop items - everything in one cart - booked in a few steps.



Rebook items and guests

In the mPOS, you can now easily rebook booking items as well as single guests. A huge time saver is that, if you have a booking with 2 adults and 2 children, you don’t have to rebook those per price category, you can simply just rebook the whole basket and it will take over the specific price categories for the new date.


Rebooking several guests at once


Custom Price Category

In the new mPOS, you have the option to add a new custom price category for a certain availability.

Custom price category_new



Guest manifest access

Simply click on an active (blue) icon in the availability to access the guest manifest. You can also access the guest manifest from the booking itself.  

Check-in and check-out guests

Easily check-in and check-out booked guests directly in the guest manifest. 

Check in check out

Validate tickets

You can check-in guests faster by using the "Validate Tickets" option. Here you can either scan a QR-code or enter the ticket number manually. As soon as your ticket is validated the guest will be checked in already in the guest manifest.


Working with Credit card scanner, credit card reader and Printers

In our new mobile app mPOS, we don't have the settings option like the old one, but normally you just need to turn on the Bluetooth in the printer and then pair from the device you are using with the app.



There are 2 devices working currently with the mPOS,  iMixPay-BL (CCReader) and Star Micronics SM-230i (Printer). 


Available Payment Options

During Checkout, click the Pay button to bring up a popup for payment options. You have the following available options:

      • Reserve/Book as Paid - You have two options here to mark the booking. Reserve without payment and take payment later via the payment link or Take cash on the counter and Book as Paid.
      • Pay with credit card - Pay for the booking using the credit card. You can simply use the form and type manually in the credit card details, or you use the credit card scanner option or the credit card reader.

      • Pay now - Pay now with our HPP option which provides more payment options to pay. Get more details on HPP here.



From this view, you have a list of the basket of the bookings.

mPOS-Manage bookings

The main information you get is:

  • Basket ID of the booking
  • Booking date and time
  • Activity title
  • Departure date and time of the activity
  • Buying user name  and Agent name
  • Basket payment status differentiating by different colors. Get more details on what different colors means here

Additional tasks you can do from this view:

  • Search booking by Basket ID, User details (like name, email, etc,) or Activity title
  • Filter bookings by Trip date
  • Filter bookings by booking date


How to refund guests?

Follow the steps given below to issue a refund to your guests.

  1. Go to the Bookings section.
  2. Search for the desired basket.
  3. Click on the related basket to see the basket details.
  4. Proceed as shown in the screenshots below.





Daily Cash Report

You can use the daily cash report in the mPOS to see how much money your agents, drivers, or guides have taken in cash on a specific day.  

Daily Cash Report


Login functionality for several accounts

When using several accounts at TrekkSoft with the same user/email address, you can switch between them in mPOS using the scroll option at the top



What will be added soon... 

Compared to the existing mobile app, the mPOS is not yet offering features like: 

  • Managing capacities of activities in App
  • Edit guest data/ custom field

Those changes will follow as soon as possible and we keep you posted. Keep in mind that all changes/ new features, etc. we’ll do for the POS Desk in the upcoming weeks, will also later be implemented in the mPOS too. 

Now, just download the new TrekkSoft App in App Store or Google Play and check it out on your own. 



Give us your feedback!


If you've tested out the app and would like to share your feedback with the Product Team, please head on over to this form




Last Updated [23/11/2021]