New releases & bug fixes

7th May 2020 - Inquiry buttons, more data in your reports and mPOS for iOS

Updates that simplify your admin.

1. Add Inquiry Buttons with Booking Widget 3.0

Inquiry Button

You can add an Inquiry button to specific activity pages for customers to ask about dates when you don't have availabilities (perhaps you've sold out or don't run a tour on those days), or you run a private tour and you don't have a fixed schedule for it. 

The setup is straight forward and customers will be able to ask about a specific date for your tours. 

Learn more about it here >>


2. Get more from your Sales and Turnover Reports

We’ve added more information to the Sales and Turnover Reports which you can find in the List View. You can also download these reports. 

Get insights on:

  • Agent commission rates
  • Buyer's email address
  • Custom guest fields
  • Custom user fields
  • Packages (Yes/No)
  • User ID

Learn all about our Reports here >>


3. mPOS QR Scanner available on iOS

The mPOS for iOS has been updated and operators can now scan QR codes on tickets to check-in guests. 

What's mPOS? Find out here.


4. We're now integrated with Swiss Activities!

Operated by Norwegian tech company Adlevo, Swiss Activities is an OTA that focusing on "authentic vacation experiences are made by locals".

To get connected, head over to your ExperienceBank dashboard

Check out Swiss Activities here >>