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Connect Your Social Media Profiles

Do you have a presence on Social Media? You can connect your Social Media within your Trekksoft Admin Desk!

Last update [June 28, 2022]

Here's an overview of what we cover in this article:



Setting up your social media profiles to your TrekkSoft account makes it easier for your customers to find you anywhere and everywhere!

With TrekkSoft you can set up your social profiles with ease and make social media a seamless part of your customer experience. You can also Integrate the TripAdvisor app to encourage customers to leave reviews and use your credibility to boost sales.


In this article, we will explain how you can connect your social media profiles or provide you with links to other help pages with detailed information on how to successfully connect.

Before we go through the social media connections, be aware these are known as apps in Trekksoft system. But where can you find them? 



How to Configure Apps

Now....let go through the social media connections:

  1. To reach the App section, navigate to Settings > Merchant Settings > Apps
  2. Click on Configure button next to each app to configure it further.

Here is how the app screen currently appears:




The Google app in Trekksoft allows you to connect to Google Maps, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, simply by entering the key/code/ID.

You can find instructions on how to connect to each of the following:

  • Google Analytics here 
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager here
  • Google Maps here




In the Facebook app, you can enter your Facebook site URL so your guests/customers can click the URL link and be redirected to your site.

You can also connect to  Facebook Connect by adding in the API and Secret Keys. You can find more information on Facebook Connect here

Finally, the option to connect with Facebook's custom audiences feature is on this menu. You just need to enter your  ID.




In the Twitter app, you can enter your Twitter site URL so your guests/customers can click the URL link and be redirected to your site.

More information on connecting to Twitter is here.




If you have a SkyScanner account, you can share your activities here by entering your SkyScanner API key. Once you have entered your SkyScanner ID, you need to select the activities you wish to share.




In the TripAdvisor app, you can enter your TripAdvisor site URL so your guests/customers can click the URL link and be redirected to your site.




Retain your SEO rankings by defining URL redirects that map web pages from your previous site to their corresponding pages on your TrekkSoft site.

Simply enter the "From" Path that you would like to map from (beginning with a forward slash - e.g. /my/path). Then choose the page type and activity or CMS page to map to.



Live Chat

Would you like to have live chat on your site? 😮 Well, you can! You can connect with any of the following live chat systems by entering the details in this app page:

  • LiveChat
  • Olark
  • SnapEngage

Note: You must have an account with each to connect successfully.




Want to connect with Optimizely? Great! Simply add your Optimizely Project ID on the app page. 




To connect with SmartWaiver, enter the API information in this app. We have a detailed help page for SmartWavier here which we highly recommend you take a look at!    



Mobile Backend App

In the Mobile Backend App, you can add a logo which will appear in your POS Terminal Receipt.

Note: The ideal width for the logo is 384px. It's mandatory to have a transparent background and highly recommended not to use any shadows.

In this app, click on the 'choose file' button to upload your own file.




The Zapier app is incredibly useful for connecting Trekksoft with multiple other applications and software. In this menu, you can enable/disable your Zapier connections.