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[Edited 17/02/2020]

You can connect your TrekkSoft account to all major social media profiles.

Setting up your social media profiles to your TrekkSoft account makes it easier for your customers to find you everywhere.

With TrekkSoft you can set up your social profiles with ease and make social media a seamless part of your customer experience. You can also Integrate the TripAdvisor app to encourage customers to leave reviews and use your credibility to boost sales.

In this section, we will be studying also other apps that can connect to your new TrekkSoft account.


Here you can connect your Google Analytics account and insert a Google Maps API Key.


TrekkSoft’s Facebook integration allows you to connect with your customers via Facebook, meaning that your customers will be spreading the word about your activities for you. Also, you can allow customers to login with their Facebook account when making a booking to make filling out their buying user details easier.


You can show the latest tweets about your company on your website.


The TripAdvisor integration makes it possible for you to quickly generate customer reviews and display feedback from your tours to help convert more customers.

We offer a number of features including custom CMS elements, a built-in review section on the Tour Details page of your site, as well as an automated post-trip email to bring your customers directly to your TripAdvisor page to write a review.