Manage bookings

How to manage your Smartwaivers

    All the signed waivers can be found in your trip Guest Manifest.

    The Waiver Signed? the column will show you whether your guests have signed the waivers.

    Waivers tab stores all the waivers together with information like who signed the waiver when was the waiver signed or if your customer's email was verified. You can also download waivers directly from there.

    Note that the first name, last name and email your customer used when booking the trip needs to match the first name, last name and email address used for signing a waiver. Otherwise, the Waiver Signed? the column will show a red circle, or "No". 

    If your guest claims she signed a waiver but you don't see that on the Guest Manifest, you can always go to the Waivers tab to find the waiver and search for any inconsistencies.



    You can also find a link for each guest to sign the waiver under Choose an Action. This could be especially helpful when your guests need to sign the waiver just before the trip.