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A rental is a type of schedule that allows guests to book renting a resource such as ski rentals or bicycle rentals where guests can book one or more available time slots

    The topics we will discuss in this article are:




    Create a Rental Schedule

    To create a rental schedule, you must first know how to create schedules. You can find more information here

    Once you have created an activity, select the schedule type Rentals.  Now, you will be greeted with the following options (each one detailed below):

    • Schedule Internal Name - The name that is used for internal use and is not visible to the customer.
    • Schedule External Name - The name of the schedule that will be displayed in your booking calendar.
    • Capacity - The maximum number of bookable places available
    • Start Date - Choose the start date for when you wish to begin your rental period
    • End Date - Choose the end date for when you wish to end your rental period
    • Repeat on - Choose the days of the week you wish to offer our rental.
      IMPORTANT: If for example your schedule is for 3 months but you do not click the correct days, the availability will NOT appear   
    • Opening Time - Choose the time you wish your rentals to start for each day
    • Closing Time - Choose the time you wish your rentals to end for each day
    • Duration -These are the Time Slots, so the minimum time an item can be rented for. An "every hour" schedule will generate a rental that can be booked for one hour at a time, select “All Day” for multi-day rentals.



    Advanced Options


    Is Active -  Tick or untick this open to enable/disable a schedule.

    Can Customers book after the scheduled start time - Does your activity allow guests to book after the activity has started? If so, tick this option 

    Cut-off Time - This defines how many minutes before start time booking is allowed. For example, a cut-off time of 60 minutes will close booking at 2 PM if the start time is 3 PM

    Internal Tag for this schedule - Create an internal tag to filter for this schedule in your sales and turnover reports.


    Once you have completed all the above fields, click save and add a price category. If you are not sure about price categories, you can learn more here.



    Apply Special Slot Prices To Rentals

    Special slot prices or rental rules allow you to add different prices depending on the number of hours your guest is booking. For example:

    The price of your activity is €20 per hour. Using the special slot prices, you can apply a specific price if the guest books for more one hour or more thereby encouraging guests to book your rental for longer! Let's see an example of how that could work:

    • Guest books 1-2 hours. Total is €20
    • Guest books 3-4 hours. Total is €38
    • Guest books 5-6 hours. Total is €52

    In the Trekksoft system, under the price category, it would look like this:






    How Do I Setup Special Slot Prices?

    To set up the special slot prices, you must already have a rental schedule and price category set up.  If both of these are already created, you can follow the steps as shown in the quick video below:


    Once you have added your slot prices, you are ready to go! 😃



    TIP! For tour or activity operators who want to make a little extra cash on the side, renting out your spare equipment could be a good idea for you.






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    Last Updated [21/08/2020]