Manage bookings

Managing reservations: Rebooking, Cancellations & Refunds, and Managing Inquiries

This article lets you learn how to manage your bookings in very easy to follow steps


    We cover the following procedures in this article.



    If a customer needs to reschedule a trip, you can do so by using the Rebook feature.

    1. From the left navigation menu, go to Bookings > Overview.
    2. Click on the Details button to the relevant basket.
    3. You will be redirected to the Basket Details View. You can also search for the customer's name or email address in the search bar at the top left of the page
    4. From the Basket Details View, you can use the Rebook basket items button on the right to rebook the whole basket.

    Alternatively, you can modify the order under Basket Summary. Here, you can modify the whole trip or just rebook one specific guest.

    To rebook the whole trip (all customers within the trip will be affected by this action), select the first Choose an action button on the guests’ module and click Rebook basket item.

    To rebook one specific guest, select the second Choose an action button for the relevant guest, then click on Rebook guest.

    This will take you to the Details page, where you can finalize your rebookings.

    Rebook all guests: This will rebook all customers on the trip. This is useful for trips that are, for example, canceled due to weather.

    Rebook: This option will rebook an individual customer on another trip.


    • Guest bound add-ons (Eg. travel insurance or a personal photo package) will now be rebooked as well with guests rebooking.
    • Basket item add-ons (Eg. T-Shirts or Mugs, Gift Card) will be rebooked only when the whole basket is rebooked.



    Cancel a booking 

    Cancel basket items

    From the Basket Details View, click on the Cancel basket items button on the right to cancel the whole basket.

    Cancel and refund the guest

    If a guest or a whole trip needs to be canceled, you can do this on the same page where you rebook guests. Just click on the Cancel and refund button for the guest/s you wish to cancel and this will cancel the booking and refund their payment.

    Alternatively, you can cancel basket items under Basket Summary. Here, you can cancel the whole basket items or just cancel one specific guest.

    Cancel all the basket items

    Cancel a single guest



    TrekkSoft can issue a full refund or partial refunds, in the case that is your cancellation policy.


    Refund guests 

    Full Refund: You can manually refund the total amount, this can be done as long as the customer's purchase has first been canceled using the Choose an Action drop-down menu. Once a purchase has been canceled, simply click Add Refund in the Refunds section.

    Partial Refund: Alternatively, you can issue a partial refund of the total amount. To do this, follow the steps given below.

    1.   From the Basket Details View, scroll down to Refunds and click on Add refund button. You will see a pop up window

    2.   In the pop up window, enter the desired amount (partial refund) and click Save.



    • When a customer uses a credit card to pay through TrekkSoft's payment gateway, you can select TrekkSoft from the Refund by drop-down menu and the refund will be processed by TrekkSoft (transaction fees apply). Please be noted that This feature is only available when using the TrekkSoft Payment Gateway.
    • If you are using a 3rd party payment gateways, select the party responsible for refunding the money. If you select a different treasurer, the refund will have to be processed manually.




    Manage Inquiries

    Whenever a booking inquiry is made, a notification email will be sent to you with all the information about the inquiry.

    To retrieve this inquiry, go to Bookings > Inquiries in the left bar menu. Here you can see all the inquiries you’ve received.

    Contact customer

    You’ll be able to contact your customer at the email address you’ve collected from the Inquiry form.

    In order to add or remove info from the Inquiry form, go to the User Custom Fields and generate custom fields that are to be shown on the inquiry form.


    Learn more about accepting Inquiries per activity here

    Create basket

    To create basket, click on the arrow next to Details and select Create booking.

    Delete Inquiry

    To delete the Inquiry, click on the arrow next to Details and select Delete.


    Last Updated [06/08/2021]