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Getting information from your guests by using custom fields

You can get more additional details from the guests such as hotel pick up point, height, allergies, etc.

    Custom fields are perfect to gather important information from a customer before they checkout (such as hotel pick up point, height, allergies). This will save you time so you can focus on your activities instead.

    There are two main types of Custom Fields; Guests and Users.

    Guest - A guest is a person partaking in an activity.

    User - A user is a person booking the activity.


    How to create/edit a custom field

    1. Open Custom Fields
      On your admin dashboard, click the 'Settings' in the main navigation bar on the left and select Custom Fields under Product & Booking Settings.
    2. Select and create your custom field type
      You will then open the Custom Fields menu and need to select which type of field you would like to edit. Below is an explanation of the difference between Guest and User Custom Fields. 


    Guest Custom Field

    Guest Custom fields are questions asked to every individual guest attending the tour and are displayed after the number of guests has been selected. 

    Note - If Variable Pricing or The Number of Seats an Order of this Category will Occupy is used in your tour schedule, then only one set of guest custom fields will be displayed.

    By default, there are three pre-set Guest Custom Fields - First Name, Last Name, and Gender. Gender is used to determine the prefix Mr or Ms to names for your automated confirmation emails and tickets.

    Guest Custom Fields can be limited to only be displayed on selected activities.

    For Guest Custom Fields you can specify whether the field is required (must be entered) on your website/booking widget/Mobile App.

    Separately you can specify if required by staff/agents using the Back Office or Point of Sale desk.

    Only the website/booking widget is required by default:



    User Custom Field

    User Custom Fields are only asked the person making the booking and are asked after the Guest Custom Fields and before the final Payment Page. A lot of tours don't require individual guest information, so User Custom Fields are the better option. 

    Activity and Basket Custom Field

    The other two types of Custom Fields are Activity and Basket, These are rarely used compared to guest and user.

    The Activity Field is linked to each activity and displayed on the website activity page. It can be used, for example, to classify the level of fitness needed to partake in a tour.

    The Basket Field is linked to a basket and used internally for your own records and reporting.

    Custom Field Jargon Explained:

    Field Name - Name of the custom field.

    Field Type - Select the type of custom field.

        Text A text box for your customer to write within (for example, flight Number)
        Radio Buttons A customer can select one choice from a list of options (Better for 1-3 options)
        Check-list The customer can select multiple choices from a list 
        Dropdown list A customer can select one choice from a list of options (better for 3+ options)
        Date A date box for the customer to complete (for example, their date of birth)

    Is required - Is this field mandatory for the customer/user to fill out?
    Visibility - Is this field visible to your customers?
    Label - The heading for the custom field (when visible to the customer).
    Options - The possible choices for this custom field (this is only applicable for radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-down lists). When adding more than one option, be sure to write one option on each line.
    Limit to Activities - Select which tours you would like this field to apply to.
    Field name: - The internal naming you'll set for your custom field.



    Last Updated [09/12/2020]