Manage Payments

Generating payment links

If your client has made a reservation (booking without payment) or outstanding payments, a payment link can be generated to collect payment.

This link can either be sent from your email service, or through the TrekkSoft system as an email.

To create this link, go to Admin Desk > Bookings > Overview and select the basket you want to generate the payment link for.

On the top of the basket you’ll see a blue button, “Create payment link for this basket”.

When clicking it you’ll get a popup window where you can:

  • Choose the amount the customer needs to pay
  • Choose the way the seller wants to send the payment link to the customer:  

To send it through TrekkSoft, click on the checkbox “Send email to  customer”.


If you want to copy the payment link and paste it elsewhere,  just click on “Generate link”, without checking the email to customer box:


The payment link also allows you to invoice your customers if they wish to book a private/custom tour.

The unique URL directs the customer to the checkout point, where they are able to settle their outstanding payment.