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Voucher Schedules

Voucher schedules are different from the “Attraction/Trip” schedules as they are not limited by capacities and it does not require a pre-assigned start date or time.

    Last update [May 31, 2024]

    This flexibility allows your customers to select a time and date that suits them. Therefore, voucher schedules are typically used for private tours, as gift certificates, or for transfer services.  


      Follow the steps below to create a voucher schedule:

      1. Log into your Admin Desk (e.g. yoursite.trekksoft.com)
      2. In the left-hand menu, click on Products > Activities
      3. Click to edit an existing activity or create a new activity
      4. In your activity, click on the Schedule & Prices tab at the top
      5. Click on the Add Schedule in the top right corner and select the Add Voucher option
      6. Complete each of the following fields:
        1. Schedule Internal Name - Enter a name for your schedule. This schedule will be visible internally only. This is a required field to put.
        2. Schedule External Name - Enter a name for your schedule. This schedule will be visible by your guests (external). This is an optional field.
        3. Advanced Options - Is Active - Make sure this option is ticked so the activity is active
      7. Once you have added the voucher, you must add a price category so the voucher is available for purchase. You can find more information about price categories here
      8. Don't forget to Save once you have completed all information!


      Video Tutorial

      Below is a video example of how to add a voucher and price category as explained in the steps above:

      Voucher schedule



      • Voucher schedule don't have any capacity limit. It can be accept unlimited guests. For example a Free Tour.
      • Voucher schedule don't have any start or end date or time. It can be used when no any specific date or time needed.