Manage bookings

View your schedule and upcoming bookings

This article can guide you on how to view your schedule and manifest which is helpful in planning for your future trips and reviewing your recent bookings.

    Last update [Oct 2, 2022]

    Viewing and managing your upcoming bookings is a crucial part of running your activities successfully. That's why Trekksoft accommodates this by allowing you to view your activities in multiple locations and with multiple views.

    In this article, we will breakdown the options available and explain them in more detail. First, let's list the options (click one of the options below if you wish to jump to that section):



    Your Main Dashboard

    When you log into your Admin Desk, on the right-hand side you will see your most recent bookings (shown below in red). You can click on any of the bookings to view the full booking (the basket) or you can click the show all button (highlighted in green below) to view all your bookings:




    Bookings Overview

    To see all of your bookings, you can go to the Bookings Overview Dashboard. To get to the dashboard, on the left-hand side select Bookings > Overview


    The Bookings Overview page provides a full list of all your bookings, reservations and cancellations. Each of the bookings has a status viewable inside the basket. The Dashboard is separated into six tabs, one for each of the status available. The status are explained below:


    • All - This tab will show all bookings regardless of the current status they have
    • Fully Paid - This shows all baskets where your guests/customers have paid in full for their booking(s)
    • Open Confirmations -  
    • Outstanding - Most commonly this refers to bookings that have an outstanding payment from guests/customers. Usually this is when you enable the 'confirm the booking before charging a guest' feature (more information available here)
    • Overpaid - Bookings in this tab are usually due to a booking being cancelled, however, you have not yet arranged a refund for the guests/customers
    • Unsettled/Incomplete - Bookings commonly appear here when a guest is making a booking and has not yet completed the booking process


    RECOMMENDED! It's useful to regularly review the tabs for Open Confirmations, Outstanding, Overpaid or Unsettled/Incomplete as it's likely they need actions to be taken from you or one of your colleagues.   




    Calendar View

    The calendar view allows you to search by date, time and also filter multiple options in the calendar.  To navigate to the Calendar view, In your Admin Desk, on the left-hand side, click on Schedules and Manifests > Calendar View

    Here, you'll find the calendar view with all your activities, times and capacities in a convenient, easy to read layout. You can select a monthly, weekly or daily view on the upper right section of the page (as shown below).

    Each activity on the calendar is color-coded based on its current capacity. To view the occupancy and capacity for each activity,
    click on the icon on the right.

    Also from the Calendar View, you can check the Guest Manifest by clicking on the name of the activity.


    In the Calendar View, you can also use filters to find the information you need to know about! Find out more about filters here 




    Schedule View

    In the Schedule View, your bookings and schedules are displayed according to the next available activity. You can access the Schedule view by clicking on Schedules and Manifests > Schedule View on the left-hand menu in your Admin Desk (as shown below)

      From the Schedule View, you can:

      1. Access your Guest Manifest -  The Manifest can be found on the right-hand side of any booking on the right-hand side of the activity (click the manifest button).
      2. Export the Guest Manifests - At the top right of the schedule view, you can extract guest manifests by clicking on the Export Guest Manifest button.
      3. Edit the Capacity of multiple trips at once - by clicking on the Edit Capacity button in the top right corner, you can edit the capacity of the bookings (see the example below on how to edit the capacity):
        Edit capacity

      Also, on the right-hand side next to the manifest button is a down arrow. Inside this menu are further options. Those options are explained below:

      • Edit Activity - This is a shortcut which will direct you to edit your activity information 
      • Edit Schedule - Click this option to be redirected to the edit the details of the activity schedule 
      • Move to a different time or date - You can use this option to change multiple details quickly without having to access the activity itself! The options available to edit are:
        • New Item - Modify the name of the activity.
          Note: The name of the activity will only be edited for that specific date. 
        • Is Active -  Tick or untick this option to enable/disable the activity  
        • Start/End Date - If you wish to change the activity date, enter a new start and end date 
        • Repeat On - If you enter a new start/end date that will occur for more than one day, select the days which you would like the activity to take place.
      • Create an item like this - Create a copy of the activity by choosing this option. You will be given the same options to change as mentioned above e.g. new item, start/end date, etc.

      In the Calendar View, you can also use filters to find the information you need to know about! Find out more about filters here 



      Schedule Filters

      Both the Schedule View and Calendar View include a Schedule Filter option. This allows you to add various filters to the Schedule/Calendar Views so you can search for specific bookings. 



      Inside the Schedule Filters, there are multiple types of filters you can use to find the activity information you need with ease. Below we will explain each of the features in more detail:


      1. Activity Title - Search for an activity by title
      2. Activities - There are two columns. The left column lists activities that you wish to include in the results and the right column is the activities you wish to exclude. Next to each activity is a + (to add) or - (to remove)
      3. Departure Point - Select a location to view activities for that specific location only
      4. Trips/Attractions/Rental - Select whether you would like to view each of these options by ticking/unticking each option.
      5. Hide Inactive Rules - Tick this option to show availabilities that belong to blocked or inactive rules (or untick to hide these activities).
      6. Hide Inactive Items - Tick this option to show availabilities that belong to blocked or inactive items (or untick to hide the items)
      7. Booked Trips Only - Tick this option to only show activities that already have bookings.
      8. Date - Select a date to view schedules from the selected date (Only activities up to 3 months after the selected date will be listed)