Updating and Calculating Reports

Updating and calculating is useful when you want to reflect the immediately and don't want to wait for system to updates the reports.

    Last update [Sep 26, 2022]

    All Reports are precalculated for performance reasons, that means if you make changes in bookings like changing the Agent or Add a Payment or Rebook a guest then this change is not immediately reflected in the reporting.

    If you want to update the numbers and Recalculate it then you can manually initiate this by recalculating the data and you would get informed by an email. We recalculate all future bookings but not the past ones.

    Recalculat reports

    Our system has two types of reporting: One is based on the booking date when a customer made a booking and the payment for that booking. Sales and Cash Flow reporting are based on that and so are the customer payment calculations within the accounting.


    The other is based on the value date which is the date the activity actually takes place like the trip departure date or the rental date. For Vouchers and Shop Items we take the booking date as the value date. The Turnover reporting, the Agents and Partners accounting are based on the value date and will show the booking amounts always based on the value date.


    And last but not least our system separates the prices paid of actual guests of Activities, Add-ons or Shop Items, and the payment. So if you sold two activities and one was fully paid and one had a down payment and the customer paid once then we don’t know what activity now was fully paid or not just based on the balance. Imagine a customer comes to your shop and purchases a t-shirt and a ticket for your activity and pays through your credit card terminal. On the accounting of your credit card terminal, you would not see what the customer paid for, you just know the total amount. Our system works the same. That is the reason why we have to separate payments and guests always in accounting and why the Cash Flow reporting doesn’t include guests but payments and refunds.