TrekkSoft Accounting Report

The TrekkSoft Accounting Report provides information on your payment gateway transactions and payouts for your account


    What is the Trekksoft Accounting Report?

    The TrekkSoft Accounting Report shows the payment gateway money flows and payouts for your account. If for example, TrekkSoft is your payment gateway, then you would see all credit card transactions of your sold items through your website or mobile app in the Trekksoft Accounting  Report based on the payout period that is defined.





    Where Can I Find This Report?

    You can find the report by following these steps (or watch the video below):

    1. In your Admin Desk, on the left-hand menu, click on the Reporting option.
    2. Then click on Accounting> Trekksoft





    Trekkpay Tab

    In the Accounting> Trekksoft report section is a Trekkpay Tab . This tab shows a breakdown of all payouts to you, the merchant. You can also download a PDF version of the payout by clicking on the payouticon icon.

    The payouts are listed in a table. Each column of the table is explained below:


    Payout Date The date and time that the payout was made
    Title The title is the year and week that the payout was made
    Currency The currency the payout was made in
    Total Transactions Total of the transactions for that payout period
    Carry-over from last payout If there is any outstanding amount 
    Gross Payout the payout amount prior to any deductions
    Commission  Any commission costs that are to be deducted from the 
    Transaction Fee The costs of any transaction fees
    Other Fees If any other fees are to be deducted, they will be noted here
    Net Payout The amount of the payout after all deductions have been made
    Closing Balance   The final balance after the payout is complete




    Last Updated [09/04/2020]