SMS notification (for Ultimate plans only)

You can now receive SMS notifications regarding your bookings and resources!


    This function holds the following features:

    • For each booking, an SMS notification will be sent to the merchant
    • The resources can get their notifications and alerts through SMS about upcoming trips and about each booking
    • Each merchant can select if they would like to receive an email, SMS or both for each online and each offline booking

    Activity Notification (for ultimate subscriptions only)

    To activate the notification feature, follow these steps:

    In your Admin Desk, go to Settings > Merchant Settings > Profile. Then click on the Notifications tab (as shown below).

    SMS notification for Ultimate plan

    Under the Booking Notification Recipient menu, insert the mobile phone number where you would like your SMS to be sent (make sure to select your country code!). 




    What Type Of Notifications Do You Want To Receive?

    Whilst in Notifications, scroll down to the Booking Notification Settings menu and tick or untick which Notifications you would like to receive either by email (for all subscriptions) or by SMS.  The features currently available are:

    1. For Every Online Booking - All bookings that were booked through the web interface and paid by credit card through your payment service provider
    2. For Every Offline Booking - All bookings that were booked through the agent desk and paid in cash or invoice
    3. Every Inquiry - when you are using the inquiry button feature. More information is available here   
    4. 3rd Party API - for example, when connected with marketplaces
    5. Cancellations - via email only (only fully cancelled baskets)


    Resource Notification (for ultimate subscriptions only)

    Resource notifications provide you with two options:

    1. Notify your resources (or the responsible person) of any upcoming bookings in advance.
    2. Notify your resources of every activity they are booked for.

    Resource notifications can be activated by going to Products > Resources. Then click the edit button on the resource you wish to be notified for. Scroll down to the notifications menu (see below).


    SMS notification for resource

    Under the Notifications menu, you can tick or untick from the two options mentioned above to enable or disable the notifications.