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Package Activities feature allows you to take your bookings to the next level by giving you the possibility of selling two or more of your activities together, as a pack.

    Clients will directly book for two or more activities within your own catalog at the same time.

    Creating a Package is putting 2 or more of your previously created activities together and assigning a price to it.

    When it comes to ticketing, a Package uses tickets of packaged activities with a front cover page in front that lists all the activities inside the package together with the final price

    You’re able to share activities and include them in one of your packages in order to sell them. This means that you can combine your own and your partners’ activities and sell them as a package deal.


    Creating a package

    Go to Products > Packages and hit on the button Add package.


    Note: you have created two or more activities already at this point.

    The first steps are exactly the same as creating an activity: fill in the name, description itinerary… give some context to this package!


    When you click on "Allocate Activities", read through the welcome information and create your Package matrix:


    Each row it's a different package.

    To start adding activities, click on Add Activity in the first column: select the activity from the pop-up.

    Then, add the schedules you want for that Package (in case you have more than one); the number of times you want the activity to be offered in the Package, and the price you will charge for it all:



    By selecting "3 times" it means that the final client will have to choose an activity three times (ex. 3 times Rafting activity inside River Package).

    If you want your clients to have different schedule options, you can click on Add Schedule or Add All Schedules below the activity you just added, to offer the same activity, but at different times. 

    If you want to create another version of the same package (ex. Package for Kinds and for Adults), click on Add Package Option, following the same steps, you will have another Package Option created.


    Restricted Packages

    When creating a package you'll see the checkbox "Restricted option?". 

    By selecting this option you're restricting some of your schedules to be illegible to be booked within a package or not.

    In the example: 

    I restrict the package with 3 activities:
    - Everyday Cheap Activity (start times: daily every hour for 12 hours, duration 2h)
    - Bicycle Tour (start times: daily at 9 AM, 10 AM and 11 AM, duration 4h)
    - Cliffs of Moher tour (start times: daily at 05:00m, 06:00pm, 07:00pm duration 3h)

    And when creating a package I restricted the following ones:

    - Everyday Cheap Activity (only at 9 AM, duration 2h)
    - Bicycle Tour (start times: daily at 9 AM, 10 AM and 11 AM, duration 4h)
    - Cliffs of Moher tour (start times: daily at 05:00pm, 06:00pm, 07:00pm duration 3h)

    This restricts the buying guest to selecting only the date and time for Everyday Cheap and the rest is given for the same day.

    How to configure Custom Fields For Packages 

    Inside a package, we can have different types of activities for which we may need different information, or the same information for more than one activity. 

    Custom Fields in TrekkSoft are ready for this: when creating them, you need to allocate them to the necessary activities, and if you need to ask for the same info in two different activities, you only need to select this option:


    Booking Packages 

    Now, just go to your website and test the newly created package:

    Select the package you just created to start the booking.

    As you can see in the following video, the client will first see which activities are allocated to a package. He will even be able to get to the activity page by clicking on them.

    The client will have to select three different days/times for the activity we set up for doing it 3 times.

    He won't be able to select a time if it coincides in time with any other schedule he has already selected. For instance, if he selects the first activity on Monday at 9 AM and this activity lasts for 3 hours, he won't be able to book a schedule that starts Monday at 10 AM, he will need to select the following day option. 

    Then, they will proceed to the Guest step of the Booking Process, as if that would be for a standard Activity.



    Partner Packages

    You can now create packages including your partner's activities. 

    The creation of the package will be exactly the same. 

    What you need to have in mind is how you're sharing your activities: only activities set up with Net Rates will work for packaging. 

    When selling them both baskets (provider and reseller) will show the same Booking ID. 

    Under Reports, it will show on the Sales reports for the seller; and Partner Reports for the activity provider.