Learn The Three Different Roles: Guests, Customers and Users

There are currently three different roles available in Trekksoft. Read this article to find out more about the roles and how they can be beneficial for your daily operations

    Within TrekkSoft, you can create three different types of accounts for users. The three roles available are explained below:


    All individuals who have booked a trip with you - both previous and upcoming tours. Compared to customers, a guest does not have to be the person who pays for the booking. Your guest records will also include any additional information you’ve collected from your custom field.

    Customers (Buyer)

    All individuals who have paid for a booking. These are the people who have entered their email address and received the order receipt/booking confirmation. There will only be one customer per transaction and this is the person who will appear as the Buyer in the Basket Details View.

    Note: Each booking can only have one customer. However, it can have one or multiple guest/s associated with the booking.


    Anyone who has access to your back-end booking system is a User. This includes employees, agents, accountants, editors, admins and more.


    Accessing Guests, Customer or User Detail Lists

    There are two ways you can access the list of Guests, Customer and Users for a booked activity: 

    1. From the left navigation menu, click on Bookings > Guests and Buyers or
    2. From the main navigation, click on Settings > Users & Employees


    How to Export Guests, Users or Customer Lists

    A list of users, customers or guests can be extracted to a .CSV file. The benefit of this is you can add it to a newsletter list or save it onto an external database.

    When extracting a list, You have the option to filter by specific dates, and also include guests of your connected partners:

    To extract the CSV file, go to the category you would like to export (explained above here). Click on the Download CSV button to export the list. An example from the Guests and Buyers menu is shown in the example below: 




    Last Updated [20/02/2020]