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Last Update [January 4, 2022]

Here's an overview of what we cover in this article:



  • Having English as a language is a must for the connection.
  • In order to have the connection live, all products need to comply with certain Policies.



What is currently supported by GTTD - Activities vs. Attractions

Google's Things to do is currently only available for attractions. An attraction is a paid admission to a place, e.g. museums, zoos, theme parks, monuments. The cable car does not count as an attraction, even if it has a ticket, as the mountain is the attraction, and can be accessed either by cable car or by walking.

When is an activity considered an Attraction?

Let’s have a look at the example Piz Gloria cable ticket to understand better what google considers an attraction. In this specific example, our interpretation is that the mountain itself doesn't have an admission ticket. Bergbahnen/cableways are considered activities, not admission tickets to the mountain. In other words, I need to buy a ticket to get into the Eiffel Tower but I could climb to the top from Gimmelwald.

Which products are compliant?

In order to have the connection live, all products need to comply with certain Policies. There are errors that can be fixed in the feed, however, these terms do not represent an exhaustive list and products should in general meet Product Eligibility Requirements.



Best practices to update product page for GTTD

Titles of the products and landing page

When writing titles for your products and landing pages, be as specific as possible. For example, "Tour of Picasso Museum with skip-the-line entrance" is always preferred to "Tickets to Picasso Museum". 

Options per Product

Each product can now contain multiple product options. Each option can be used to represent a particular product sub-offering. For example tours with or without audio guides. Each option may have independent description, pricing, and deep links.

List and Product View Landing Pages per Option

Deeplinks can now be defined on a per Option basis, allowing partners to specify different landing pages per product option if they so choose.  

In addition, partners can begin to provide multiple landing pages for each product, including both Product Pages and List/Category Pages, both of which must comply with our Things to do Policies. At least one landing page (Product Page or List/Category Page) is required. Please note that once Google ends support for the current spec, partners will be required to include a Product Page for participation in Things to do Search. 



How to proceed with GTTD Integration?

If you are interested in connecting with Google Things to do and have your attractions listed on Google, we invite you to check Google's Things to do policies and see if your listing complies with all the requirements. Once you have confirmed that your attraction meets all Google listing policies, fill in the form.

As for the next steps, when we receive your registration request, we will check your listing information. If the activity is eligible, we will establish the connection.

If we need more information or make changes in the local attraction content, one of our Customer Success Managers will contact you to modify what's needed.




Check out our Frequently asked questions article here to get answers to some FAQs.