TrekkSoft tips

Get your TrekkSoft booking system ready for the high season

With the high season coming up, we’ve compiled a few hints and tips based on common problems and issues users face when getting their TrekkSoft booking system ready for the high season. 

You may have also noticed that Trekksoft’s Admin Desk has had a makeover, these instructions were compiled based on the new design.


1. Update Schedules and Pricing

Block out time in advance to update your schedules and pricing before they expire. 

For example, if you usually run your activities up to March 2019 but your TrekkSoft schedules expire in December 2018, you should plan to update your schedules before December to make sure that customers can book through to March 2019. 

To make a new schedule, simply copy an existing schedule and adjust the dates and prices as needed.

Trekksoft Copying Schedules 

2. Update Terms & Conditions

Check your Terms & Conditions, do they need updating? 

With the information gathered over previous seasons, you can proactively answer common questions by adding more information to your Ts&Cs 

This will cut down time spent replying to emails and ensure guests are prepared for your activities.


3. Review all email templates

Review and edit your default email text to suit your customer. 

When a booking is made, by default, a customer gets two emails - one PDF ticket(s) email and another Basket Summary Receipt Email - each with relevant PDF documents. 

Instead of sending two emails, you can combine these emails so that only one email, the Trip order finished the email, is sent with the receipt and tickets attached.

To combine these two emails, go to Merchant Settings > Merchant Profile > Notifications and check the box next to "Combine trip ticket and receipt in one email?"




4. Update PDF templates

To start, remember that Schedules with a start time use the Guest Ticket (Trips) PDF and Schedules without a start time use the Guest Ticket (Attraction) template. 

If an activity has specific conditions, these conditions can be added to your default PDF or used as a Custom Ticket. For example, if you have problems with guests arriving late or finding the activity start point, add a map with directions to your PDF. 

Alternatively, a PDF can be attached to an activity which is sent to the customer along with their booking confirmation.


5. Boost Sales with Marketplace Connections

Applying to marketplaces is the most time-consuming part of the process. Once accepted, you don’t have to sell on that marketplace but it's great to have the option. 

Marketplaces can be used to boost sales or build reviews (and your company’s reputation) for a new activity. If you already registered with a marketplace, just click on “Apply” in the Marketplaces Dashboard.

Here’s a list of marketplaces supported by Trekksoft and links to apply:


6. Use discount codes and social media to drive early sales

A good way to drive advance sales is by promoting time-bound offers. You can create a discount code and share it on your social media profiles to encourage early bookings. 

You can include discount codes in your pre- and post-trip emails to encourage customers to book another trip with you and/or share the discount code with friends and family. 

Trekksoft Copying Schedules


Some notes before signing off

TrekkSoft is dedicated to helping you grow as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. Feel free to email or reach out via the Help Desk in the bottom right corner of your web application to start a Live Chat. 

All the best for the upcoming season!