Discount Codes and Vouchers

Discount Codes vs Vouchers

Discount Codes are different from voucher codes in that they only apply to a passenger, rather than to add-ons or shop items. The discount is applied as a percentage of the order, and can be limited to specific tours and a certain number of uses.

Vouchers are actual, set amounts of money that are deducted from the total amount in a customer's cart. This means that voucher codes apply to all tickets, add-ons and shop items. Once a voucher is used, its value automatically drops to 0, regardless of the transaction amount. If you would like to give a customer their remaining balance back, you need to create a new voucher for the remaining balance. Only one voucher per cart can be used.

Creating a Discount Code

To create a discount code, go to the Promotion > Discounts / Vouchers section on the left navigation bar of the Admin Desk.
Then Click the Add Discount Code

This will take you to the New Discount Code page.

First, enter the code that you want the customer to use at the time of purchase.

Select the number of times that the code may be used.

Enter the percentage that this discount code should reduce the total order price by.

Last, select which tours you would like this code to be limited to. If you would like this code to apply to all tours, leave all of the check boxes blank. Click save, and your discount code will now be active.

Generate Codes

To auto generate a large number of codes, you can use the Generate feature at the top of the Discount Code page.



Import Discount Codes

You can also import your discount codes via a CSV file, by clicking on the Import Discount Codes button on the top of the Discount Code page.This is particularly handy if you want to sell on Discount websites like Groupon


You can manage your vouchers by going to the Vouchers tab at the top of the Discount Codes / Vouchers page.

Click the "Add Voucher" button to create a new voucher.

Enter a unique code, and the amount that this code should deduct from the customer's cart, and then click Save. You can also restrict the use of the voucher to certain activities or shop items.

Tips for Agents

Each Agents name is also their "Agent Code". When a customer is referred by an Agent, and makes a purchase from your website, the customer must use the unique Agent Code/name at the time of purchase in order for that Agent to get credit for the transaction.

TrekkSoft recommends creating a Discount Code that matches the Agent Code of your Agent. This creates an incentive for your customers to use the Agent Code.

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