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Creating Activity Categories

Group similar activities into a category based on the type of activities like Mountain activities, Skydiving activities, Rental activities, etc.

    Last update [March 29, 2022]

    The Activity categories option allows you to group your activities/packages into different categories. 

    How to setup
    1. Navigate to Settings > Product & Booking Settings > Activity Categories in the left navigation bar.
      1. In this section, you will see all of the categories that you have created.
      2. You can also edit the order that the category that appears by changing their values in the "Sequence" column.
    2. Click the "Add Category" button.
    3. Set up the category.
      1. Title: The title of the category. It is a required field.
      2. City:  City of the tour group. It is a required field.
      3. Is default group?: Check this option if you would like this group to be used as the default group for this language.
      4. View Mode: Choose the option as per your requirement.
        1. Show all but selected first: This option will show all the tours but the selected one first.
        2. Show selected: This option will show the selected tours only.

      5. Activities: Add activities to this category by clicking the grey "+" sign next to each tour.

    4. Once you are done, click Save

    Video Tutorial

    Watch the video tutorial showing the step by step instructions on how to create  Activity Category below: