Create CNAME Records to redirect or forward your company's domain to your TrekkSoft domain

    If you want to keep your current domain or get a lot of traffic to your URL, creating a CNAME record for a subdomain is a great solution to redirect traffic from your current domain to your TrekkSoft page. In this case, your TrekkSoft page will appear to be hosted on your original domain's website.

    For example, when a client visits "" the CNAME record will actually cause this URL to display the content from "".

    Creating a CNAME

    To create a CNAME record for your TrekkSoft site, you need to add a record in your TrekkSoft account, then you should go to your current hosting service provider to add the actual CNAME record for your domain.

    Step 1: Create a record in your TrekkSoft account

    Go to Settings > Domains / URLs then click on the Map Subdomain button. Here, you will see the subdomains listed along with the status of each subdomain.


    Step 2: Map your CNAME Records to your hosting service provider

    Creating a CNAME record can be different depending on your hosting service provider. It is a good idea to refer to your hosting service provider's support section too.

    Go to the Domain Name System (DNS) Settings of your hosting service provider section and look for a Create CNAME Record option.

    Next, select a subdomain to map, such as "booking" in the example "".

    Then, type "" in the destination field and click Save.

    After adding a CNAME record to your web site's DNS settings, the status should have a green checkmark to confirm that the subdomain is working properly.


    Remember to test the subdomain to make sure that it redirects the user to your TrekkSoft subdomain.

    If this does not work, contact your hosting service provider for assistance. If the issue persists, please contact us at

    Forwarding your "www" subdomain → → (

    Many companies choose to forward their "www" subdomain to and then redirect their root domain ( to

    If this is done, when a customer visits or, they will view the content on

    Redirecting your Root Domain

    You can also redirect your root domain (i.e. to a subdomain (i.e. or, or forward the root domain to an entirely different domain.

    OPTION 1: → or

    OPTION 2: → 

    In the control panel of your hosting service provider, look for the domain that you would like to redirect, and in the information section, select the "forwarding" option.

    You will be asked which subdomain that you would like to forward. To only forward the root domain "" just leave the subdomain blank. To forward all subdomains, type "*" in the subdomain field.


    Other things to note

    A Record 

    An A or Address record (also known as a host record) links a domain to an IP address. Your IP address should point to IP for the root domains.

    DNS Simple

    If you cannot get your forwarding to work correctly for any reason, the final solution would be to use a DNS service, such as DNSimple, to have your website forwarded to your TrekkSoft URL.

    SSL Certificates

    When using a CNAME record, existing SSL certificates will need to be installed on our server - in which case charges will apply.

    TrekkSoft's booking system is already encrypted and completely secure and TrekkSoft buttons, hosted websites and widgets also have an SSL certificate installed, so there is no need to worry about the security of these tools and domains.