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Choose or Change Your Website’s Theme

If you have chosen to use TrekkSoft’s website builder, you can select or change the theme of your website from a list of themes

    Last update [June 29, 2022]

    If you are using the Trekksoft Website Builder, you have the option to choose from multiple themes. To select a different theme or browse the current available themes, follow the steps(or watch the video below):


    1. In your Back office, on the left-hand side, click on Settings > Trekksoft Website Builder > Website Settings to be take to the customize website dashboard. 
    2. In the Dashboard, click the Switch Theme tab at the top.

    Switch themes

    Once in the Switch Theme tab, you can choose from any of the themes available by clicking on the choosebutton button. Once clicking this button, the theme will automatically update and you will see a tick which confirms the theme has been updated.

    You can view your new themed site by visiting your webpage e.g. type in in your address bar.