New releases & bug fixes

Week 4 - ExperienceBank & One fix here, one fix there



TrekkSconnect is finally out and ready to use! 

ExperienceBank aims to simplify the booking process from the initial setup to the long-term maintenance. 

In essence, ExperienceBank is our Channel Manager 2.0 a more stable and reliable channel manager, connecting your products to a wider variety of marketplaces.

We're putting you back in the driver's seat and giving you full control over your inventory and the marketplaces you work with. 

Learn more about it here.


When exporting guest manifest on PDF, guests weren't being ordered correctly by baskets - you can now download your guest manifests correctly! 

In the Turnover report, the KPI report, when applying Preset filters, these weren't really behaving correctly, not selecting the appropriate activities. We've now fixed it! 

The request tickets page for your end users wasn't working correctly if they were trying to download a voucher - This is now fixed!