New releases & bug fixes

21st May - Price category types, reservation times, discount code redemption and daily cash reports on mPOS

We've released a series small updates and tweaks in the last couple of weeks. Here are some highlights.

1. NEW: Price Categories Types

2020 - May - New Price Category names

Previously, users had to map their price categories to OTAs' price categories, one at a time. With Price Category Types, this part of the mapping process is can be automated by connecting Price Category Types to OTA price categories. 

The Price Category Name is what is shown to your customers in your booking widget, and the Description field still used for extra information such as ages. Changing the Category Type automatically fills in the Category Name, but you can edit it.

2. NEW: Daily Cash Reports on mPOS

Daily Cash Report

You can now track cash collected from your guides, drivers or agents via the mPOS. This feature is available on Android and iOS.

Learn more about it here >>

3. Reservation time on the POS Desk and Booking Widget has been reduced to 15 minutes

Previously, we provided customers with a reservation window of 30 minutes, effectively blocking out capacity for 30 minutes to allow customers to complete their booking.

We received feedback about this reservation time being too long, and have brought it down to 15 minutes on both the POS Desk and Booking Widget. 

 4. An easier way to redeem discount codes

2020 - May - Discount Code updates

We made some changes to the way discount codes are redeemed based on your feedback, particularly when it came to selecting guests to apply the discount.