New releases & bug fixes

July 2021 - Product updates

Here's a list of the most important updates, features and bug fixes we implemented in the past month!

New payment gateway

In order to follow the latest PCI Security Standards and provide you with the most reliable payment method, we are migrating from our old Payment Gateway (Appearing as “Payyo API” in your Back Office) to “Payyo - Hosted Payment Page”. This is our newer, more secure Payment Gateway connection which has many advantages compering to the old one.

Mobile users, please note that the new and improved payment method is available only in the new app mPOS. In order to enjoy the benefits that the new payment gateway provides, make sure you update to the latest version in which this is fully supported. 

You can find out more about it in our HPP (Hosted Payment Page) knowledge base article.

New marketplaces available

We are happy to let you know that we have four new marketplaces available for you to connect to in order to start reselling your tours and activities. 

  • Uemura: A Social Network of leisure where Tourists - Locals can Search/Propose/Decide/Buy activities and Trips to share among them. 
  • Spontastic: Spontaneous experiences in your region.
  • ActivBookings: ActivBookings operates a large online and offline marketplace for tours, activities and attractions reservations. 
  • Palma Beach: Palma Beach is the official portal of Playa de Palma and your gateway to explore the whole island of Majorca. 

Booking Widget

  • Now available in Catalan.
  • Added feature to create your own Custom Thank You Page for the Booking Widget and display it in a specific language too. To set it up go to: Setting - Website Builder - Pages.
  • Activity Custom Fields are now visible in the new Booking Widget Checkout.

Bug Fixes

  • Guest bound add-ons will now be rebooked as well. Basket item add-ons only when the whole basket is rebooked.

  • When you change the agent commission and the agent in the basket, it is now correctly re-calculated in sales report.

  • The order of activity custom fields chosen under Settings in the TrekkSoft Backoffice, is now  shown correctly in the checkout process.