How To Enable International Currencies

We currently have multiple international currencies available to allow you to choose which currencies you would like to accept from your customers

    Last update [Oct 2, 2022]

    If you wish to enable international currencies, you can add or remove currencies in the system for any currency you wish to accept from online payments. To enable/disable a currency, you can follow these steps:


    1. In your Admin Desk, go to your Settings > Merchant Settings > Profile. Then, click on the Currencies tab on the right-hand side. 

      Enable currencies
    2. Select the currencies you wish to accept payments for by ticking the box next to each of the currencies.
    3. Once you have selected all the currencies you wish to use, click the Save Settings button.


    With Payyo, you can accept payments in 35+ currencies!



    If you wish to find out if Payyo supports a specific Currency, please contact your account manager or email


    IMPORTANT! If you're using a 3rd party payment gateway, please make sure that your chosen payment gateway supports the currencies you've selected (you can find out more about payment gateways here).


    Changing your default currency

    Your default currency is the currency you accept payments and payouts in. To change your default currency, please contact your account manager or email