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Email Templates Explained

Email Templates provide you with the option to send emails to guests for all different parts of the booking process, forgotten passwords for users, etc.

Email templates are available by logging into your Admin Desk e.g. "".

Once you are logged in, go to Design and Pages> Templates as shown below:

email templates location

You will see a full list of the available email templates. Each email template has different settings and content. This allows you to edit the emails to suit your business needs.


Below are links to documentation which provides you with a breakdown of how each email template can be used. Each row of the document contains a breakdown of the following information for each email template:

    • The name of the email template
    • A description of the email
    • Is it a manual or automatic email?
    • What triggers the email?
    • Where can I find the options to use the email?
    • Can the email be activated or deactivated?
    • What attachments are included with the email that is sent?
    • Any additional information


The full email templates list is available in PDF and Excel formats:

Click here to download the full list in .xlsx format

Click here to download the full list in .pdf format


Email Templates