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April 2022 - Product Updates

Here's a list of the most important updates, features and bug fixes we implemented in the past month!

Agent permissions reviewed & New permission “change capacity”

We reviewed all agent permissions, so they are now working fine again. Additionally we added "change capacity" as a separate permission. You find the explanation about what permission does what in this article

Booking Widget

Sold out status for fully booked schedule times: Before we only showed the sold out/ partially booked/ available on the calendar overview, now we also show "sold out" when one schedule time isn't bookable anymore. Before it allowed you to go next and then caused an error.

sold out schedule times status

Preview & download button on POS Desk

We now have a preview and a download button in the booking details on POS. Preview opens a new tab with the ticket, Download - downloads the ticket immediately. You find the same option (preview & download) also on guest level in booking details and in guest manifest.

POS Download Preview tickets

Export activities and partner activities

Export activities (title + ID) in the activity section and partner activities (Partner name + activity title + activity) under "activities shared with you" in partner network section. For partner activities, we only show the ones that are "accepted" therefore able to be sold. The IDs of (partner) activities can be used to import files in the agent section as well as for importing discount/gift codes.

Export activities button-1

partner activities export

Other product updates/ Fixes: 

  • mPOS: Pull down the booking list to refresh the page. 
  • mPOS: When choosing a date in the calendar (availability list or bookings (trip date, booking date)), it now also brings you to the selected date.
  • mPOS: The credit card form now shows placeholders for cc name, number, etc.
  • mPOS: In the booking list you now can also (like on POS) directly access the guest manifest by clicking this people icon:

mPOS booking list access guest manifest

  • mPOS: If an agent has only cash permission, it's now possible again to book on the mPOS.
  • mPOS - when guest fields are required/ optional - this is now considered by showing "Form filling required" or "add guest info" - same behaviour like on POS Desk:
  • Show pre-filled amount on "add payment" and "payment link" in POS Desk
  • Net rates are now considered when copying the schedule
  • When editing an activity in backoffice, there was previously an error message appearing when activity custom fields weren't filled in, this is fixed now.
  • Issue with nightly sales report calculation was fixed
  • Sort schedules in backoffice by creation date