New releases & bug fixes

Week 52 - Happy end of 2018!

As we previously announced, we've been mostly working on bugs this end of the year 2018, what we fixed this last week:

  • Rental Widget wouldn't let you book: we were having an issue where rentals weren't behaving correctly in the booking widget, it wasn't showing you the start and end times, so you weren't able to book. This is now fixed!
  • There wasn't an "Unsync Google calendar" from the new design, this is now showing correctly!
  • Searching on the search bar from activity edit page -> now working correctly!
  • Changing between tabs in the Bookings overview was taking a super long time to load for some of you, this is now solved too!
  • Bulk upload of Gift codes was showing a 500 error. We reviewed this, and you can now upload as many Gift Codes as you want to!

From TrekkSoft team, we wish you an amazing end of 2018 and a good start of 2019, we hope you don't forget your new year's resolutions on the 3rd of January!