New releases & bug fixes

Week 51 - Winter is here

As the year comes to an end, we've decided to fix all the bugs we've got opened right now so we can start 2019 with a clean slate and focus on improving the new design and our existing features.


  • Changing between tabs on the bookings overview page is now smoother!
  • In the POS desk, the date of birth 1958 was being changed to 2058, we've now corrected it so if anyone has that date of birth right now, she/he is from the future.
  • The resource allocation from the guest manifest is now working normally.


The reports list view has been changing a lot lately, we've been looking for the best layout, that can be used the easiest by all of you.

Right now, the side-scrolling is done like it was in the past, with the side arrows that will take you right or left within the table.