New releases & bug fixes

Week 50 - Important Zapier Announcement!


TrekkSoft is live on Zapier!!

As of the 14th of December 2018, you don't need an invitation from your AM to user TrekkSoft's Zapier connection, you can just look for it on the apps browser or click here.

As you can see in the second section of the previous page, you can use a few templates to establish your connection in only a few clicks!


The bug in the CMS builder where the content elements were kind of dancing around is now gone!

With the theme Harmony, we were having an issue where the first bit of the page was being cut (text and images) this is now gone!

Allocating resources from the Guest manifest when there are 20+ guests is not working correctly -> this is fixed!

When adding filters to the turnover reporting the totals weren't correct -> this is now fixed!

In POS Desk, the birth date was behaving weirdly (When booking any activity, adding a client and selecting their date of birth to anytime during 1958, you'll see once you set it up and close the calendar if you open it again this has changed to 2058) -> this is fixed now!

Partner network

Split payment for partner baskets paid with payment links is now reflecting correctly in TrekkSoft baskets!

Have in mind, payment split does not work if the downpayment is activated for the activity.