New releases & bug fixes

Week 49 - We're preparing ourselves for the end of the year

From now till the end of the year we're dedicating ourselves to fixing all the bug debt that we've accumulated since September, to start the year with a clean slate and just focus on improving the new design and the software overall!

Multilingual PDFs

We're finally done with this one: for while you were able to offer different PDFs (in different lang) when changing the language of the front end (but we didn't really know this was happening).

With the new design we took this away, but now we've restored this functionality and created the proper UI in the activity page for you to upload the PDFs in the languages you have active.


  • For a little while there we were generating activity URLs (for website builder users) without the activity name, only activity ID. This is now fixed, and we're generating URLs correctly! (we also fixed the URL that had been generated incorrectly).
  • Activities set to inactive are now showing active schedules correctly in the activity page
  • User admin role logins had disappeared, a few of you experienced this issue. This is now fixed and you should be able to log into your account correctly.
  • We also had an issue when creating schedules, all is now fixed and you can extend the calendars of your activities!
  • Custom bookings for Voucher schedules are now working correctly.
  • Agents: agents who weren't able to "Modify basket items", could still be eligible for "Cancelling bookings", this is now fixed!