New releases & bug fixes

Week 46 - Software improvements and new design!

Software improvements

We’ve added the count to those fields that have a maximum of characters allowed.

Before this wasn’t available, and at the time of saving we would throw back a very annoying error telling you that you are not able to save the work you’ve been doing.

New Design

Additional issues fixed:

    • “Value,value is not a float” issue has been fixed! You can now add all your pricing from the new design.
    • Booking Rentals in the Booking desk is now working properly.
    • Packages prices are now correctly calculated when booking these on the Booking desk on the new design.
    • Adding placeholders in PDF editors is fixed.
    • Allocating users to agents is now working again.
    • The HelpDesk icon in the bottom is now working properly so you can use whatever is behind it on the page.


We’re now sending the information “special_tagline” so you can use it in the information you directly fetch from TrekkSoft’s API.