New releases & bug fixes

Week 45 - All about the new design

We’re now focusing our strength on fixing the bugs you guys and our team are finding on the new design:

  • You can now add content elements to your CMS pages without a problem
  • All preview images are showing
  • It’s possible now to take custom bookings
  • We’ve stabilized the usage of the Booking Desk: rentals are bookable, all list load correctly and the prices are calculated as desired.
  • We fixed the search function so you can use it easily
  • We fixed the pre-sets of reports so you can keep using the ones you had created with the old TrekkSoft
  • We’re now adapting the length of the text to the cell it’s in so it doesn’t take more space than desired
  • We’ve fixed the issues we were having with Guest manifest: downloadables, options and resource allocation
  • We’ve added preview activity to Activity overview page

We have a few more fixed coming:

  • Fixing help desk icon so you can navigate the bottom of your pages
  • Reports side-scrolling when using a mouse and not a touchpad
  • Fix for the Resource planner

If you have any issues occurring that are not listed anywhere, please leave a comment and we will get to it as soon as possible!