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Schedules: Why fill out the Special Tagline?

While some people leave this part of their schedules empty, here is why you should fill it out.

We're giving the booking widget an update! 

To make sure everything runs smoothly with the updated widget, please take 5 minutes to review your Schedules' Names and Special Taglines

With the new design, if the Special Tagline is left blank, the booking widget will show "Voucher" for voucher schedules and "Rental" for rental schedules. For Trip schedules, it will be left blank. 

This is how content added to the Special Tagline will be shown in the updated booking widget:

If the Special Tagline is left empty, this will show up instead:

For Trip schedules, this will be left blank. 

To ensure that we continue delivering an excellent booking experience, please take 5 minutes to review your Schedules' Names and Special Taglines

  1. In the Admin Desk, go to Products > Activities. Then, go to the first bookable activity and select Edit
  2. Click on the Schedules and prices tab and then click on Edit. Here, you'll find the Special Tagline.
  3. Review and update it accordingly. Then, click on Save changes
  4. Repeat this for all your bookable activities, schedules and rentals.