New releases & bug fixes

TrekkSoft got busy

Booking desk

We've adapted the height of the passenger details pop-up to fit your screen so it's easier for you to save these when taking bookings from your booking desk.



We've updated our invoices so they show more clearly the commissions we're charging per marketplaces booking, from now on it will look something like this:


TrekkSoft UI

We've updated our side-scrolling within tables so it gets easier for you, here's how it works now:

TrekkSoft News

We have new Terms of Service!! We hope you have already accepted them so we can continue our work together :D

Also, we want to get as much info from how our user interacts with the software in order to make it better for the people who really use it every day. 

If you'd like your opinion to be taken into account for this process, please fill out this form!


  • We had an issue with editing Discount codes, this is now fixed! 
  • Issues with translations:
  1. Booking rentals in French was broken, but it's now possible 
  2. Package sin German was broken, this is now also usable
  3. Some titles were not translating to any lang, we're now updating the way we do this so we prevent these issues in the future. 
  • Allocating addons to activities was throwing back a weird page, now it's all good!