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September 2022 - Product Updates

Here's a list of the most important updates, features and bug fixes we implemented in the past month!

Announcement: Re-designed Booking Overview coming soon

In October we will release the new re-designed Booking Overview. The exact date will be announced in the backoffice directly, so you won't miss it. 

See here how the view will change once released: You will have a cleaner overview of the bookings, including a new filter option at the top, where you can easily filter by: booking date, trip date and payment status. 

New Booking Overview-1Booking overview filter-2

The biggest benefit of the new booking overview is that it's easily accessible on a mobile device too.

Mobile Booking Overview

With the basket detail re-design coming soon too, it will improve a lot the user experience you have to search for bookings, access bookings - also while being outside of your office. 

Until the basket details are re-designed too, you will still open the existing basket details view from the new booking overview. 

Until the re-designed basket details are available too, you'll still have access to the "old overview" at the top right.

You want more details on our re-design project - have a look in this article

Product Updates & Fixes: 

  • New filters in mPOS
    • Payment status filter in guest manifest
    • Guest addons show in guest manifest
    • "Bookable trips only" filter in availability list

new mPOS features

  • Booking widget availability colors changed: We simplified the availability statuses showing in the widget calendar.
    • Available: blue
    • Not available: Blank and scratched out
    • Partially booked: yellow
    • Sold out: Font size in red/ scratched out

image (13)-2

  • Duplicate Transactions and Authorized booking bug was fixed. 
  • POS Desk Fix: Required guest custom fields for each packaged activity are now again correctly considered. 
  • POS Desk: Now Basket remarks + Guest remarks are correctly synced between Admin Desk + POS Desk/mPOS. This means Admin Desk remarks will be shown on POS Desk/ mPOS Booking Details, and vice versa. Changes will be considered (no overwriting anymore).

Basket item + Guest remark