Reports & Accounting FAQ

    How can I know how much money my guides/hotels/agents took at the end of the day?

    If you have set up each person who can make money as an agent then you can see this in the Cash Flow reporting as we list each agent separately based on the money they took in.


    How can I balance the commissions and payments from my agents by the end of the month?

    On your Agent accounting, you can click on the specific agent and month which you want to settle and then check how much turnover they brought you and pay them the owed commission based on the guests referred and additionally invoice them for all payments he took directly from customers.


    How can I invoice my partner by the end of the month?

    On your Partners accounting, you can see for each partner for each month an accounting where you see all the guests and add-ons your partner sold for you and how much he owes you and how much commission he earned by selling your activities. Be aware that we calculate the commissions and guest prices owed based on the trip departure date but any direct payments you got for a booking that your partner made you need to pay him back first as these are based on the payment date and not the trip departure date.


    How can I set up net rates for my activities with Agents?

    Our system only allows net rate prices with the partner network and not with the agent network. If you have an agent that sells your activities and should earn net rates and not percentage commissions then he needs to set up his own TrekkSoft account and connect to your account and share your activities. Then you can set up net rates for each activity/price category.


    How can I see which agent sold the most last month?

    On the Sales report, you can filter by the date range you want to look at and then check go to the list view and filter by the column agent and then you see the sum of all bookings that this agent referred to you.


    How can I see how many guests a partner or agent referred to me last month?

    On the Agents or Partners accounting on the guests table, you should filter the column “participating status” to participating so all canceled or rebooked guests are filtered and then you can check the column “occupancy” and the total is the number of reserved seats (including group bookings) that your agent/partner referred you for that month.


    The agent reporting for one of my agents shows different amounts for turnover than for customer payments how can that be?

    That means that your agent either sold many tickets for a different time period as payments are in the accounting based on the booking date and turnover/commissions are reported based on the value date (trip departure date). It could also be that your agent took payments for a basket but that basket has a different agent set to it and therefore the number differs.


    How does a canceled guest show in the agent or partner accounting?

    In the new reporting, there are two rows in the accounting, one for the initial booking and one for the cancellation. It could be that those rows show up in the same month if the cancellation happened before the trip departure date but for example, if a booking happened on the 31st March and the cancellation was entered on 1st April then those two entries would show up in different accountings. To even out the accounting numbers like price and occupancy the values of the cancellation entry are negative so a booking and cancellation even each other out to zero.

    The reason for this is that we do not change past accountings. If you sell a voucher in January and then rebook this voucher to an actual guest in July then the January reporting should not change anymore, therefore, the two separate entries.


    How does a rebooked guest show in the agent or partner accounting?

    A rebooking is just a booking, cancellation and again a booking. So it will have 3 entries: i) original booking ii) cancellation of the original booking iii) rebooked guest.


    What is the difference between the column status and participating status?

    The status is the field if this entry was created for a booking of a guest or if it was added as a cancellation. This status never changes later, so if a guest gets canceled then there are two entries: i) booked for the original booking and ii) canceled for the additionally added row for the cancellation with the negative value.

    To make some reports easier we added the participating status to give the user some more understanding of what each row is for about and that you can filter for specific things. This participating status can change also later if the guest gets changed like canceled or rebooked. So if you have a guest that gets booked in January for a trip in January and then rebooked in July then the participating status would change in the reporting for January if the reporting would be recalculated manually (because we don’t automatically recalculate passed accountings).

    The participating status also helps to only show actual guests that participated on an actual trip for a month and hide all canceled and rebooked guests. So when you filter by participating and see the occupancy you get the total of guests that were attending from that agent or partner.