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Price plan increase at TrekkSoft

Read all about our upcoming price change

At TrekkSoft, we continually review market conditions around the world to ensure our product pricing remains appropriate. After a recent evaluation, we've decided to adjust the list prices for our Paid Plans this year.

Starting from your first renewal date that falls on or after 1st July 2023, your subscription fee for your current plan and cycle will increase. You've been informed by email about the price plan increase and the new amount that you will be paying.  Please contact for further questions. For our customers with legacy subscriptions in USD, please note that we'll be switching your subscription currency to EUR.

We understand that a price change is never ideal. However, our goal is to continuously bring you value and ensure our product remains competitive and efficient. This adjustment will help us better reflect value across our global community of customers while maintaining our commitment to improving our system, as we have done in the past years.


Thanks to your ongoing support, we've been able to launch a series of new features and updates that continue to benefit your daily operations. We greatly appreciate your understanding and look forward to providing you with an ever-improving service. If you are interested in knowing what we plan in our roadmap for this year, please visit this link


We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How can I find my renewal date? 

On your TrekkSoft account visit settings >TrekkSoft Subscription and go to the Account tab. To the right side from the green button called “Change plan” and under “Next Billing Date” you will find the date of your renewal.

How can I see what I currently pay? 

To view your current price, visit settings >TrekkSoft Subscription and go to the Subscription tab. In the grey table, you will find your current plan and subscription fee. You can as well review our Terms of Service for more information under settings>profile>Terms of Service.  


Please reach out to your assigned Account Manager or at with any additional questions on this change.