New releases & bug fixes

Payment gateways, bugs and summary of the 27th of February

Payment Gateways

We've updated our connection to, if you're interested in it, please talk to your account manager!


  • Partner reports were temporarily down for an hour yesterday, 5th of March. This is now fixed and we're working on a feature to automatically recalculate reports, so you don't have to check if the data is 100% up to date. If you see your reports are empty, please recalculate them. If the confirmation message gets to you but the reports still look the same, please send us a bug report
  • We had an issue with Confirm & Charge later basket, it wasn't possible to confirm those baskets. We've now fixed it so you shouldn't be having any more problems!
  • We realised the turnover data for Rentals wasn't being recorded correctly. We've now fixed this and all the information from now on should all be correct! 
  • Also, the calendar view for your schedules wasn't saving the filters correctly so unbooked trips or inactive rules weren't viewable. This is now fixed! 


Downgraded performance

On February 27th, our servers overloaded so some of our services were experiencing delays to show updated information. 

That very same date we requested our server provider to provide us with more resources so we could handle all the requests. 

On February 28th the issue was already resolved and all services were again operational.