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Reports' inaccuracies

Issue with our automated daily recalculation process, which is affecting the accuracy of the sales/turnover data reports resulting in missing baskets, no shown data or negative numbers in the reports.

If you are experiencing this issue, the re-calculation will be a temporary fix until issue is permanently solved.

  • Go to the sales or turnover report section
  • Use the “recalculate” button
  • Select a small time frame for recalculation, ideally no more than one month at a time. For example, to obtain correct data for a quarter, please recalculate January, then February, and finally March individually
  • Once data is updated, you will receive a confirmation by email
  • After recalculation, download or access the report again to see the correct information


Should the error persists or you need any assistance with the recalculation, please contact