New releases & bug fixes

June 2021 - Feature updates

Here's a list of all the features we shipped in the past month! Learn about the improvements we've made to the booking widget, the POS Desk, and the overall TrekkSoft system!

Booking Widget Updates

  • The widget is now available in two more languages - Greek and Catalan!
  • Create custom labels for payment methods under Payyo's Hosted Payment Page. To do this, go to your TrekkSoft Backoffice and, under Settings, select Payment Platforms. Then, select Payyo - Hosted Payment Page. You can edit the payment gateway label under "Override Label". 
  • Wix is now supported by the new widget which means a more seamless integration for your website!
  • Custom Fields can be used for Shop Items. 


POS Desk Updates

  • COMING SOON: The POS Desk will be available in French, German, and Spanish by the end of this week!
  • Hosted Payment Pages are also available on the POS Desk for more secure checkout. 
  • Availabilities will now autoload on the POS Desk so you don't have to manually refresh it for the latest schedules. 


System Updates

  • All payment options will be moved to Payyo's Hosted Payment Page for better security and conversion. If you've not see what the payment flow looks like, click on the booking button on this page
  • API speeds have also improved meaning that loading times should decrease as you use the POS Desk and other TrekkSoft booking tools.


If you'd like to learn more about these updates or how to leverage them for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at