Bulk Import Agents

    Bulk importing allows you to import multiple agents using a CSV file.

    To import bulk agents, go to Promotion > Agents and select Import Agents.

    Below you will find two CSV files that you can use as examples depending on which type of model you'd like. 

    Model 1 Basic .csv - This option allows you to import agents only, which means you will be able to track the sales that they refer to you using their unique discount codes or URL's but the agents will not be able to login to an account to book customers manually.

    Model 2 Users.csv - This option allows you to import agents while simultaneously creating an associated user for them to log in with. This means agents can book your activities directly through the Agent Desk in addition to referring sales with their unique discount codes or URL. You can also add additional information such as bank account details and names.

    After you've downloaded the file and fill out the appropriate information, delete the top two rows (the headers and sample information). Then, save the file as a CSV.