Asynchronous payment flow

We implemented Payyo's asynchronous payment flow. Get here all information you need.

Payyo's asynchronous payment  will give a better overview whether a payment is really confirmed. So far payments were confirmed immediately, although this is not always the case depending on the selected payment method. 

Payyos' async payment flow is now combining payment confirmation and payment completion. 

What will change with async payment flow?

For the ones being familiar with Payyo's Dashboard, they know there are different statuses a transaction can have. Until now Payyo has always returned the status "settled" for all payment methods after a successful call. For payment methods with delayed payment confirmation, the status "captured" will now be returned instead. The payment confirmation happens asynchronously through webhooks. 

What does this mean for each payment method: 

Payment Method Payment Confirmation Payment Completion
Cards Immediate 2-steps
SEPA Direct Debit Delayed 1-step
Sofort Delayed 1-step
iDEAL Immediate 1-step
Alipay Immediate 1-step
Twint Immediate 1-step
Giropay Immediate 1-step
EPS Immediate 1-step

How does this look in the basket details?

It mainly will affect baskets that use payment methods, e.g. SEPA Direct Debit or Sofort. Here, the booking will stay in unconfirmed status (transaction = captured) until we have received the final confirmation from Payyo (transaction = settled), so it can be set to even balance in TrekkSoft. 

Keep in mind, for these payment methods, it can take up to 2-3 days to get a final confirmation. For this time the booking will be unconfirmed.  

What are advantages of async payment flow?

The status of the booking you see in the Backoffice and in the Payyo Dashboard are now absolutely up to date. The booking will be confirmed (= even balance) as soon as the final approval from the bank was received. 

This gives you as a merchant now a transparent view on the actual status of the payment. 


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